Finally, a HUB for your Lan!

What’s better: waiting for Steam’s interminable loading to end, or logging into a local hosting service and getting straight to the kills?
What’s better: getting out of your chair to brag, or watching a LAN-wide leaderboard tally up all of your points in all of your games and watching your name rise to the top?
What’s better: listening to your usual tunes because you haven’t had the time to discover new music, or taking a feed of the most awesome songs from everyone at your LAN and cranking it into your headphones?
What’s better: juggling IRC, Ventrilo, and other services to try and get a game going, or checking a bulletin board of ALL the games going on at your LAN at once — and checking out the scoring for each game while you’re at it?
lanHUB is simply better than anything you’ve seen before.
lanHUB is a lan party software suite that YOU can customize for YOUR event. lanHUB facilitates connectivity, social interaction, and good old-fashioned competition in a broad variety of ways with a broad variety of features.
Players! Everything you need to know, LAN-wide, is all together in one sweet little interface, so you can spend less time in the lobby and more time in the game. Plus, it’s FREE!
Event Organizers! You’ve got master-level access to a slick set of controls that’ll tell your guests what they need to know, when you need them to know it. Organize tournaments, broadcast announcements, and more, all from a single screen for your lan party event.
Use this website to tell us what you want to see in lanHUB. Join the forums, become a fan on Facebook, send a smoke signal, whatever you need to do, just tell us what’s awesome and we’ll make it happen. lanHUB is still in development, so we encourage you to join the conversation about making the best LANs even better.

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